Values & Mission

Strong Values

You're responsible for the safety of the people in the environments you support. With enterprise-level partnerships and support from real experts, Potter Global Technologies connects you with solutions that protect people, property and critical infrastructure across the globe.

We believe there is no better application for cutting-edge technology than saving lives. That's why our group of life safety solutions continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in quality, connectivity, and data — while making system deployment, operation, and maintenance less complicated.

Are you seeking more from your life safety systems partnerships? Let us show you a new standard in product quality and high-touch support. With over 125 years of experience in providing life safety solutions, Potter Global Technologies helps you create a safer, more connected world.


Our vision is for you to know us globally as your innovative, easy to do business with, best in class life-safety product partner.


With a passion for creating safer environments worldwide, our mission is to provide you with a team of real people that connect you with unmatched support in life safety applications.