Seamless communication between first responders saves lives. At TowerIQ, we are committed to delivering dependable in-building communication solutions that keep responders connected during emergencies. From initial design through deployment, we offer full support, focusing on your objectives and the specific code requirements in your local jurisdiction. TowerIQ enables effective life-saving communications throughout your building to protect responders and building occupants alike. Our committed communications experts can help you through all phases of needs analysis, solution development, installation and code compliance. We deliver the peace of mind that results from knowing responders can save more lives through efficient communication during emergency situations.

TowerIQ solves problems such as:

  • Unreliable Radio Coverage – Radio coverage inside buildings can be inadequate to ensure consistent emergency responder communications. An inability to communicate can put responders and occupants at risk. TowerIQ can provide both analysis and solutions to make emergency radio communication consistent and dependable.

  • Communications Breakdowns – We can solve communication breakdowns between first responders with disparate communication systems.

  • ERCES Knowledge – Understanding technical issues and code compliance can be daunting. TowerIQ's experts can help you navigate local requirements with a system design that meets code and ensures reliable communication.

  • Custom Requirements – Your needs and your building environment are unique. Our staff will work to fully understand your objectives and align them with a customized system design.

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