Valcom is focused on the integration of technology with human needs. We provide innovative daily and emergency communication solutions that deliver accurate information to global communities and individuals in a timely manner. Our broad product portfolio includes analog, turnkey IP and network distributed paging, intercom, and emergency notification systems. We value the importance of human connection. Fully appreciating your enterprise and individual needs allows us to provide targeted solutions that deliver real benefits. The depth of Valcom's expertise in educational, commercial/industrial, corporate, healthcare and transportation markets ensure everyone is informed, connected, and safe.

Valcom solves problems such as:

  • Inadequate Communication Infrastructure – We provide integrated communication solutions that minimize upgrading costs and provide a scalable path that accommodates your current and future needs.

  • Security and Safety Concerns – Valcom leads in supplying robust, reliable emergency communications that reduce vulnerabilities and deliver peace of mind.

  • Lack of Genuine Human Interaction – Our systems are delivered by highly skilled and approachable professionals who care about your needs and match them to real solutions. We offer a human connection to your concerns.

  • Industry-Specific Communication Challenges – Our solutions are tailored to your unique requirements and scalable to accommodate your future. Our core platforms have been customized to address many sector-specific needs.

  • Complex Communication Systems – Valcom has technical solutions to complex communications needs. We deliver those solutions in a way that makes installation, commissioning, maintaining and operating systems straightforward and understandable.

Products & Industries

Paging/Public Address Systems

Intercom Systems

Clocks/Time Management

Emergency Communication Systems

K12 Intercom-Bell-Clock Systems

Audio Visual Notification

Sound Masking

Earthquake Early Warning

IP Endpoints

Airport Crash Intercom Systems


Latest News

Valcom Introduces the VRCPA RingCentral Paging Adapter

Valcom Inc., is pleased to introduce the VRCPA RingCentral Paging Adapter to its portfolio of SIP-enabled paging adapters.

Valcom Earthquake Early Warning System Available for Schools, Hospitals, and Businesses

Valcom Inc., has announced their Earthquake Early Warning System. Valcom is now a licensee with the United States Geological Survey to deliver alerts to K12, higher education, commercial, and industrial facilities.

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