At Potter Global Technologies, we're not just creating products; we're saving lives. Joining our team of owners means you'll be part of a passionate community that combines deep technical expertise with a genuine commitment to making a difference. Here, every role has a purpose, and every task contributes to global safety. We offer a chance to work with advanced, intuitive safety solutions while truly understanding and meeting the needs of those we serve. Choose a career at Potter Global Technologies, where your work will set new benchmarks in safety and your expertise will be met with genuine care. Let's innovate for a safer future together.

Our People Vision
To provide employment opportunities to those individuals who are performance driven, team players, take pride in their work, and are enthusiastic and passionate about their job.

Core Values
  • Employees
  • Customer Centric
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Operational Excellence

Be An Owner By Joining Our Team!

More Brands. More Roles. More Opportunities.

Our Family of Brands

At Potter Global Technologies, our group of businesses approach safety with a unique blend of expertise and authenticity. While we've solidified our reputation in global markets and garnered widespread recognition, what truly differentiates us is our empathetic approach. While we operate with the sophistication of a large organization, it's our commitment to genuine engagement that sets us apart.

With offices across the United States, the UK, and throughout the world, Potter Global Technologies continues to expand. This growth provides a wealth of opportunities for skilled, ambitious professionals eager to make an impact. We value self-starters and individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, offering them a platform to be part of something significant. Our people-first philosophy ensures that our teams are well-equipped for success.

Ownership For All

Ownership for all

In 2024, Potter Global Technologies and equity partner, KKR, launched a broad-based employee ownership program extended to every employee within the portfolio of companies. We believe that because everyone contributes to our success, everyone should have the benefits of ownership!

The program is designed provide employees with a financial stake in the company and promotes a positive organizational culture. At all levels of the company, customers work with an employee-owner, an individual who is invested in the success of the company and the quality of service all our companies deliver.

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